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“Person who chases two rabbits catches neither.” – Confucius

There are few things more powerful than our full focus.

And there are few things more destructive to our goals than a lack of focus.

If we chase the two rabbits, and they run in separate directions, which do we chase after?

This quote brings that dilemma in front of us, which in short is a lack of commitment to the most important goal(s) in our lives. This may very well be because we are trying to commit to too many goals.

It’s a common theme in goal making to overdo it. To choose eight, nine, or 10+ goals.

Great to be ambitious, but we need to recognize how that divides our efforts.

If we heading out to tend to the front lawn, we would never mow a quarter of the lawn, then move plant one or two flowers, and then transition to placing down some mulch before starting back on the lawn mower again. We would see one task through.

Have we set goals for ourselves? And if we have, how focused are we on our most important ones? Have we determined what those most important ones are, for when the two rabbits run in separate directions?

23:00: Deadlift (1 Rep)

Build to Heavy Sets of 5-3-1

Deadlift (3 Rep)

Deadlift (5 Rep)

Metcon (Time)



Deadlifts (155/105)

Burpees Over the Bar


Deadlifts (185/135)

Barbell Facing Burpees
Scale weight or rep scheme to complete the metcon in less than 15 minutes

Should be on the heavier side of light, but something you’d only break with once on the sets of 15 and 12