Barbell Betty’s is a specialty class designed for women of all levels of fitness, experience, and age.  The program will empower you to do things you never thought possible and help you step out of your training comfort zone.

The Women’s Only Program is ideal for those that would like to develop functional strength and power through barbell movements. You’ll increase your overall performance and strength in the daily WODs and improve technique on the barbell movements all while being encouraged by a committed group of women!

We are powerful, BOLD, passionate, vibrant, goal achieving, excellence pursuing bad a** chicks. Oh, and we CrossFit.

Are you far off from lifting the RX weights in WODs?

Do you constantly struggle with poor technique in the barbell moves?

Have you struggled to get a new PR?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Barbell Betty’s is the perfect opportunity to gain a solid foundation, improve technique and implement a program specifically to make you STRONGER.

Barbell Betty’s will focus on building strength through fundamental movements including: squats, deadlifts, lunges, overhead presses, Olympic lifts and other accessory work. Our goal is to make you STRONGER!

These sessions will be challenging and fun.

Barbell Betty’s Details:

Mondays from 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Barbell Betty’s will run in 6 week blocks

Each session will be limited to 8 women for more personalized attention and specific programming geared towards each client.

6 week investment: $80 Includes 6 classes, homework and Open Gym!

Upcoming series:

October 5th through November 9th

Sign up here.

All classes will include:

Dynamic Warmup/Movement Prep

Skills/Coaching Session to teach you barbell movements

Pre-programmed strength workout