This IS for Everyone!

For anyone out there that may think CrossFit athletes are all young and in super shape, just take a look at me.  I’m 48 and my 30th high school reunion is happening this summer.  I was a former top high school athlete a lifetime ago… then a career of sitting in front of a computer, plus a boatload of other excuses led to bad habits and a sedentary lifestyle.  My inactivity resulted in aches and pains, weight gain and a lack of mobility that makes me feel much older than my years.
In just a month, I can see AND FEEL a huge difference.  I no longer have the chronic hip, knee and lower back pain that I’ve experienced for years.  I already feel more toned and stronger.  Summer and Dan are tough but supportive, teach the correct technique for moves and give me the confidence to do things I thought I couldn’t.  I’m learning so much and even though my progress comes in baby steps, I AM getting better.
As much of a physical journey as this is, it’s just as much a mental and emotional one.  Juggling a career and family, finding time for myself is a challenge.  But I’m getting better at that too.  The friends I’ve met at the box are incredible.  There’s always someone there beside me encouraging me to push harder, to finish a rep, to keep going.  The workouts are HARD — but so worth it.  After a workout, I’m on a high that lasts until the next one.  I can’t wait to see where I am after another month!