Nutrition is the foundation of everything we do.

Good nutrition can help prevent heart disease, high cholesterol, Type II Diabetes and numerous other illnesses. It can alleviate symptoms of auto-immune diseases, help you sleep better, breathe better and feel better.

You can’t out train a dirty diet, I don’t care if you’re here 7 days a week, it simply doesn’t work. CrossFit holds you accountable, the workouts are harder if you eat pizza the night before, so you save the pizza for a night you know you won’t be hitting the gym the next day, even worse.

Just like with exercise, we don’t believe in “magic pills,” and we don’t sell quick fix supplements. We sell coaching and mentorship. We are here to help you change your behavior so you can live a happier, healthier life. Our Nutrition program combines behavioral change with results to create habits that will last a LIFETIME. No meal replacements, no magic pill, just hard work.

Every Nutrition client starts with a consultation: We want to make nutrition work for YOU. Click here to book one for $50. There are no monthly supplements to buy and no sales pressure to “upgrade.”

With the consultation, you’ll get: One hour with a nutrition coach to talk about your nutritional preferences and a templated “eating guide”.

Other Nutrition Coaching Options:

Personalized Nutrition Coaching Plan: $100

(Includes Consultation)

Based on your individual preferences and tastes, a personalized plan made just for you. What to eat and when, with a week of meal planning, recipes and grocery lists included.

Personalized Plan plus 5 Followup Visits: $199

Stick to your Personalized Plan  and make small adjustments with the oversight of your nutrition coach. Your plan has to fit YOU, that means making adjustments as you go, staying accountable, and keep optimizing your results.

Maintenance Nutrition Coaching: $30/month

Moving into your maintenance phase, stay accountable with monthly visits to your nutrition coach. This option is available only as an add-on to Unlimited CrossFit coaching after having a personalized plan made.