I was skeptical and a bit nervous about CrossFit before taking my first class almost a month ago. I found the coaches to be welcoming and encouraging, so I quickly signed up to start taking classes every week. I used to workout alone and thought I pushed myself… until I started working out here. I have never pushed myself mentally or physically as much as I do here, and as a result I have seen overall gains in strength and fitness in just a few weeks. Another thing about CF is the workouts are always different. It never gets boring or redundant. My coaches have been fantastic and super supportive without being so “hardcore” that they would scare away beginners. This box supports “community” within it’s members by having things like weekend BBQ’s and a random Friday night hangout after a WOD. If you’re looking to try out CF or find a new box, you owe it to yourself to swing by Landrush and check them out.