I am 48 years old and several Presidents past the last time I was “in shape”. This past September I had just finished a year of personal training at Gold’s Gym where, after several months of exciting weight loss and strength gains, I had hit a wall over the last few. No more weight was coming off (and there was plenty for the taking). I needed a change, a new challenge. I walked into Crossfit Landrush, met the owners, Summer and Dan Trent, and haven’t looked back. Summer and Dan are knowledgable, firm coaches who also happen to be two of the most welcoming and friendly people I’ve known. I walked into their Box with a litany of reasons that Crossfit wasn’t going to be for me, that the movements and workouts scared and intimidated me, that I was too heavy and too long in the tooth to succeed. To their credit, they didn’t buy a word of it. They have taught me a very important lesson: that the beauty of Crossfit is that it isn’t me against the world, the gym, or even the person working out next to me. It is about me against me. What can I do? How can I get better? That sounds simple but anyone that has ever worked out at a Globo-gym or played a team sport knows that most competition is about measuring ourselves against others. In Crossfit, I measure myself against what I did the last time I did that movement or that workout. Not that you are alone in a Crossfit box. At Landrush, I have made many new friends, of all fitness levels. Landrush is a community. We encourage each other, push each other to do more than we think we can. That’s the best part, really, and the best compliment one can pay to a Box; we are a community where the people believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself.