The Landrush Coaches



After many years of training at local ‘globo gyms’, Russell started Crossfit in 2009.  He initially started because his wife, Lindsay, who was tired of treadmill workouts at the gym, signed them both up for CrossFit.  It took exactly one workout for Russell to fall in love with the community of CrossFit and the competitiveness it provided. Having played multiple sports from the age of 4, the draw to something that was not only competitive, but also involved a fun/fit community, was irresistible.

Whether it’s a pick-up game of basketball, soccer, or football, or an endurance race like the Hotter ‘n Hell bike race, half marathon/marathon, Spartan race or Tough Mudder, Russell just enjoys being active and pushing himself.  The absolute #1 thing that gets him excited about CrossFit is the community and the camaraderie garnered within the CrossFit gym.

Russell has a passion for seeing people reach their own potential physically and strongly believes the CrossFit methodology is the best way to reach that potential. He gets excited about people at all different physical levels pushing themselves to improve so they can live life to the fullest. Russell loves the concept of community through fitness!



My husband Russell and I started CrossFit in 2010 in Richardson, TX. Prior to CrossFit, working out for me was drudgery that produced marginal results. I struggled to push myself working out solo at a local gym. It wasn’t a sustainable plan for wellness!   

A friend encouraged us to give CrossFit a try. I was terrified the first day but am so grateful I walked through the door! I made it through the first WOD (workout of the day) and was floored by how fun it was to workout hard alongside other people and I appreciated having a coach tell me what to do. I kept coming back for three main reasons: the variety (still amazes me 8 years later), the community, and the results. After six months, my metabolism had transformed. It was fun to learn new skills as an adult and to feel more confident in daily tasks like moving furniture, yard work, etc.

I continued doing CrossFit through three pregnancies and postpartum experiences and feel the CrossFit methodology has allowed me to remain physically strong and energetic despite major physical/hormonal changes. As a coach, it is a joy to watch athletes come in the box at all fitness levels and through hard work and commitment, achieve a quality of life they otherwise would not have been able to enjoy. I love learning and sharing about nutrition. My favorite aspect of CrossFit today is how successful it is globally at pushing back chronic disease through constantly-varied, high-intensity fitness and a focus on nutrition. CrossFit is truly changing lives, mine being one!



Teri is a lifetime fitness fanatic and competition junkie who found CrossFit almost by accident in March of 2015.  She was training for a Tough Mudder competition when she saw the sign for the opening of CrossFit LandRush.  She had run marathons, triathlons, long distance bike races and multiple adventure competitions, but never CrossFit. She thought it might be a good way to get a well-rounded training regimen in a short amount of time.

After just a few classes she was hooked! Three years later she passed her Level 1 CrossFit certification and became a coach. In fact, Teri has been on a mission since starting at CrossFit LandRush to help others discover the benefits of functional fitness training within a supportive community. Her passion is to help others stay fit for life. She’s specializes in BootFit training and is the founding member of the LandRush Morning Coffee Club. She and her husband Rick are big believers in the benefits of surrounding yourself with people who can make you a better person—physically, spiritually, emotionally and relationally. She will tell you it’s not just about the fitness, it’s mostly about the community that makes CrossFit LandRush a special place. 



Megan started CrossFit in 2015 while overseas on deployment. She was bored with the main gym bi/tri kind of days and the same rotation of exercises. When a friend dragged her to CrossFit and showed her a new way to achieve fitness and health.

Megan has a history from a young age of competing in sports; from swimming to softball. She’s always enjoyed the competitive side of the athlete next to you pushing you, encouraging you and making you better. 

In 2016 She decided to get her level one and found even more excitement in coaching and seeing others achieve goals they didn’t know they could. 

Whether it’s coaching, competing, lifting a barbell or hanging out with fellow CrossFitters, Megan finds herself at home with the CrossFit community 





Karina found Crossfit in 2013 after spending months on a treadmill as a “cardio queen” – eating very little calories each day and not ever being satisfied with her overall health and appearance. She was hooked immediately after her first workout due to the fun, performance-based WODS. As she continued, her competitive upbringing of volleyball, softball, cheer and dance fueled her fire.

In 2015, Karina placed 1st in the Koda First Timers Competition and followed it in 2016 with a top 5 finish in the Battle Over the Redlands Competition. Since then she has participated in many competitions, including the Fittest in OK III Competition, being 4 months pregnant, and the 2017 KO in the OK Competition, being 5 months postpartum. Throughout her years in CrossFit, Karina has begun to recognize that fitness is a fun, healthy, and a necessary part of life – helping her release the tedious burdens of each and every day.

Karina is currently a Level 2 CrossFit Trainer and CrossFit Kids Coach. She graduated from Oklahoma City University with a Bachelors Degree in Music Education and has been teaching orchestra, grades 4-8, in the public school setting for 10 years. While Karina is not at school, she is chasing her kids, Callie and Cooper, hanging out with her most favorite coach, her husband – Aaron. Through her experience teaching and coaching, she has developed a true appreciation for the process of learning. Witnessing attentive practice and hard work, results in something people are truly proud of – which is a process that is forever rewarding.



Athletic his entire life, Justin played many sports from a young age, and played in competitive leagues throughout high school and more “social” leagues after college. Justin graduated from Oklahoma State with a degree in Health Promotion, focusing in Exercise and Health.

Justin has always been passionate about training, but when he found CrossFit in 2015 he instantly found a passion for the sport. He enjoys the variety of CrossFit. “It never gets boring,” he says. “The challenges are forever and that makes me strive for more than I thought I was capable of.” His competitive spirit helps him push other athletes to the next level.

Justin joined CrossFit LandRush in 2015 and fell in love with the community before he ever knew he was going to be involved in coaching it.

In 2017, he took the CrossFit Level 1 course and gained a whole new appreciation of CrossFit. His favorite thing about coaching is the constant pursuit of improvement and the increase of human capacity that he sees around himself on a daily basis. Whether it be a more competitive athlete snatching a small house or a beginner getting their first pull up or box jump, it’s all about the joy he sees in athletes improving their everyday lives! You don’t know what everyone’s past or current situations are, but as soon as they step inside the gym, they transform, inside and out.



We Care About Your Fitness Goals

Our vision is to create a family-friendly community of love and support through fitness. We strive to make our mark within the Oklahoma CrossFit circles as a gym that’s community-focused, fun, and gets results, both within the gym walls and outside them.


What Our Members Are Saying

“This is a friendly place to workout and the coaches are very helpful in building you up to where you need to be. At first everyone starts out finishing last, which is okay because crossfit is the only sport I can think of that the person finishing last gets the most applause...If you follow their direction, you will not be the worst for too long...and then the real fun begins!”

Jason Nashert

“This community is the best!! Me and my husband were new to OKC and joined Crosstfit Landrush. Everyone is very welcoming and we Never felt out of place. The coaches are such great motivators and will give you the guidance you need to succeed! I would recommend this box to anyone that is NEW or an Avid Crossfitter! ”

Brandi Simmons

"We've dropped into land rush a few times, and each time loved it!!!! Great coaching, friendly members and we got our butts kicked in the workouts! Highly recommend this gym. Very family friendly and a place we feel comfortable bringing our kiddos! 5 stars fo sho!"

Brianne Pickett

"Inspirational coaches, a welcoming environment and friendly faces. All that makes this place better than the rest! It's a new challenge every day. I can't wait to come back!"

Ashley Bowers

“One of the best boxes of all time. Great people, great programming, great competitors. Truly a family that will make you feel welcome on day one. If you are in OKC then you have to stop by and see what I’m talking about.”

Brady Mann

“Great coaches, a family atmosphere and very inclusive community!”

Kyla Murphy

“A great CrossFit box with FANTASTIC people! LOVE THIS PLACE”

Maddie Craig

“Es un lugar excelente, con personas tan maravillosas que te hacen sentir parte de un gran equipo.”

Kizzy Acuña

“friendly and someone for everyone here!”

Andrea Amos

“I’m not an avid crossfitter but this environment and amazing group of people and coaches shows me why everyone loves it. I had a great time visiting with my friends and definitely want to come back next time I visit.”

Joe Broams

“Great people, instructor and well run classes!”

Nikki Miesser

“Very warm welcome for an out of towner and solid coaching. Enjoyed the workout and the gym vibe. Recommended.”

Mark Emery

“Love this gym! Everyone is so nice! I’m new to CrossFit and love this place and the trainers. Would definitely recommend!”

Savannah Bural

“Love what you've done with the place! Great coaches and excellent culture.”

Andrew Carby

“Stopped by for a morning workout while on vacation. Great environment and coaching, definitely would visit again!”

Shannon McCoy

“Very nice clean gym. Great staff and trainers. They love to get to know you as more than members or customers, and strive to create a family atmosphere.”

James Schad

“CrossFit Landrush exceeded my expectations. They were easy to contact and have a fabulous and educated coaching staff. It felt like my home box. I was welcomed with smiles and open arms. If I’m ever in OKC again I’ll for sure be dropping in again, unless it’s Fran again, then maybe I won’t ???”

Meghan Huber

“Best family-friendly Crossfit gym in OK! The coaches are caring and knowledgeable, the gym is clean, and the overall vibe is hardcore FUN. I also love that they have an air-conditioned/heated area for kids that is viewable from the workout floor - packed with games, toys and Netflix! My 2 and 3 year olds love coming to play while Mommy crossfits!”

Karina Fisher

“Nice place with great coaches. Very welcoming.”

Chris Jennings

CrossFit Kids: we love our kiddos and genuinely care about developing them into active, strong, fit people. Hopefully the next generation will be stronger than the current!

“Awesome people, great atmosphere. If you're considering CrossFit look no further.”

Matt Breeding