Fit-it-Forward Month   May 10, 2016
Show Some Love!

Show Some Love!

We’re spending May living like athletes. Why? To improve our health…and also our happy.

“Exercise until you’re happy” seems like a pretty awesome way to live. Let’s make that our mantra for the month!

We’ve finished the Open, Regionals are coming and the WODs are flowing! There are fun times ahead. If you’re new here, you’re right: our gym is full of fun, laughter, unicorns and high fives. Or at least three of those.

What good is a long, functional life without joy? Why win the Play Offs if you don’t enjoy the game? One key indicator to longevity is happiness, and the most-overlooked aspect of athletic training is creating joy in the process, not the outcome.

When you’re on the rower, what’s happening with your face? There’s good hippie research suggesting that pasting a smile on your face will help you feel better about the burning in your arms, legs and glutes. From personal experience, I know I get off up the floor faster after “Fran” when there is someone there to high-five me. LandRush is about inspiration and education, and there’s nothing more inspiring than care.

This week, we’re asking for some random (and some not-so-random) acts of kindness. Every day, you’ll get a challenge that doesn’t appear to have much to do with your squat. It does.

Included in every WOD this week will be a challenge: make the metro better. I’ll spell it out daily, don’t worry.

When you realize that GIVING and SHARING make you happier than receiving possibly could, then you’ve got a way to make yourself happy for life. I’ll give you some cues to get you started. Call it Empathy OnRamp.

To get the most from these tasks, you’ll want to remain anonymous. For example, your first challenge is an easy one: buy a stranger a coffee. If you’re shy, you don’t need to be seen. You’re not looking for acknowledgement, after all.

On the other hand, I want to know–and I want you to see–how much ‘happy’ we’re putting into our local community this week. One hundred people buying one hundred cups of coffee for one hundred strangers might just make the sun shine a little brighter, or confetti rain down from the sky, or something. It will sure make US feel good to be part of such a big movement. So let’s identify ourselves without sharing specifics:

There’s a photo on the LandRush Facebook photo stream. Tag yourself in it. Make it your profile picture. When your friend asks what the heck it means, tell them. Maybe we’ll start a landslide of happy!

May: Fit-It-Forward Month Week 1   May 2, 2016

Teach a Friend to Squat


The shared model of fitness–I teach you, you teach a friend, and we can all play–is the inspirational part of CrossFit. It’s the difference between the ingredients and the pie. Fun and learning: that’s what all other programs are lacking, what you can’t get at home, what you can’t explain if you haven’t done it with us.

The beauty of CrossFit isn’t the bumper plates, or women doing pull-ups. It’s not even the “wod.” The beauty is, “Let me show you how to squat, friend.” The beauty is CARING. We care enough to learn more, to tell you when you can do better, to share. And everyone can share.

If you care about someone, teach them to squat.

The squat is the foundation of human movement. You squat before you walk. It can be an exercise, when done many times, or it can be a test when never done at all. It’s perhaps the single-most important measurement of your physical capacity: are you flexible and strong enough to sit on your butt and stand back up?

If your friend can’t squat, they need you to pull them up. If your husband can’t squat, you’ll soon be lifting him. Teaching a loved one to squat is giving them a “get-out-of-the-nursing-home FREE!” card. So let’s start there.

Today, teach a friend to squat. A good one: hips back, chest up, heels down. We’ll provide the treat: if you can coach them to ONE good squat, we’ll give them on-ramp at half the price. Click here How-To-Squat_CFLR for a step-by-step.

Get them squatting. Take their picture. Email it to, or post it on our Facebook page with a tag and #fititforward. We’ll take it from there.

If they’re a friend of yours, they’re a friend of ours. We’re happy to help if you’ll get them started.

Even God Needed a Rest Day   November 3, 2015
Labor Day WOD in the Park and Community Picnic

Labor Day WOD in the Park and Community Picnic




If you’re a CrossFitter or not, you recognize that it works because of the high intensity element. But we’re human and even God needed a rest day. We cannot sustain the level intensity needed to perform at our peak day in and day out, otherwise our body ends up breaking down making us more susceptible to injury and illness. We want to become healthier more fit versions of ourselves, that’s why we do this, right? To keep ourselves in tip top shape we MUST rest. Those dreaded rest days are the days we make our biggest gains. Those days give our bodies a chance to regenerate and build long, lean muscles meant for burning fat and lifting heavy stuff.


How often should we rest? follows 3 days on 1 day off, which means we work for 3 days and rest on the 4th. Most athletes will need that day of rest in order to allow the muscle tissue to regrow and the body to recover from training. That being said, you should always listen to your body. If you’ve been a CrossFitter for any amount of time you know that I’m not talking about being sore, you’re always sore. I’m talking about muscle fatigue. If you’re having trouble holding your arms up long enough to wash your hair it might be a good idea to take an active rest day.


If you’re brand new to CrossFit, 3 days on and 1 day off may be a little much, most people won’t be able to handle that much initially. We suggest ramping up over time, start with Monday, Wednesday and Fridays or Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at least 3 days a week until your body gets used to the intense workouts. Once you’re feeling good with every other day, then you can ramp up to 2 days on and 1 day off, for example, you would work out Monday and Tuesday, rest on Wednesday, work out Thursday and Friday then spend the weekends getting outside to play and doing something fun with all this new found energy. You’ll start to see that the fitter you become the more active you’ll want to be.



At LandRush we offer programming 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday. We know that not everyone’s schedule is the same and some will come in on certain days, and other won’t. What’s important is that you find a routine that works for you. What really needs to be monitored is how your body is responding to the training. Are you training 6 days in a row and on the 4th and 5th day are you still feeling strong? Are you still able to hit the conditioning portions of the workouts hard and keep the intensity that you need in order to gain results?


Coach Aaron taking a break from the prowler.

Coach Aaron taking a break from the prowler.


Training fatigued will get you one thing and it’s not gains. The problem is, you really start to enjoy coming to the gym, you’re  seeing amazing results, making new friends and getting connected to your CrossFit Community and you don’t WANT to take days off. This can lead to some nagging injuries if you’re not listening to your body.


What should you do if you’re taking a rest day? Swim, Go for a run, a hike or a bike ride, explore your city, or take your dog for a walk. You can work on mobility and accessory work or take a restorative yoga class. Or you can take a complete rest day (gasp). Spend an evening at home relaxing. The key here is to balance the yin with the yang. Don’t do something that’s going to be high intensity; rest day needs to be restorative. Get a massage or see someone for some sort of body work, ART, or acupuncture. If you are coming in on a regular basis of 3-4 days a week, it’s a good idea to schedule some sort of restorative body work at least once a month – you are worth it and your body will thank you.



Robert working that mobility!

Robert working that mobility!


Regardless if you’re a competitive CrossFit athlete, a novice or just someone that wants to be healthy and fit – remember more is not always better, but better IS better. Learn to listen to your body, it’s okay to miss a day in order to keep yourself happy and healthy. You will only become stronger and faster if you allow your muscles a chance to recover.


Find out why we’re different and schedule your “No Sweat” intro today, click here, it’s free.




Summer’s Fitness Journey   October 23, 2015


Coach Summer’s Fitness Journey

I’ve been there too. I know what it’s like. I can help you.

In 2006 I graduated from college and married the love of my life. Life slowed down and so did I. In the three years that followed I gained 30 pounds and weighed 150 pounds, on my 5’3″, medium build frame I was considered over weight. It snuck up on me and had become the new normal.

The first picture was taken in 2007, I had increased my weight by 15 pounds 1 year in, I stopped taking pictures after this. The second picture was taken in 2010, I had started losing weight but my body fat to muscle ratio was still way off. I knew nothing about nutrition and how to fuel my body. The 3rd picture was taken in 2012 one month after I found CrossFit, as you can see, I still had an issue with food, but I weighed about 130 pounds. The 4th picture was taken in November of 2012, I had been CrossFitting for 9 months and cleaned up my diet, as you can see, things had started to change, here I weighed about 115 pounds, not there yet! The last picture was taken in September of 2015, at 130 pounds. As you can see fat loss, nutrition and fitness is a process. It took me 5 years to realize I had an unhealthy relationship with food and 3 more years to work off the results of years of inactivity and poor nutrition. And to realize that the scale doesn’t tell the whole story. Today I’m happy with my body and happy with the number on the scale. I know that I worked hard for those muscles and I’m proud of them! When someone asks me what their ideal weight is I tell them, whatever you want it to be. Don’t be married to the scale. No one said it would be easy, but it’s worth it.

October Challenge   October 1, 2015

October Challenge


During the month of October, you will be challenged to better your 1000 meter or 500 meter row time.

Here’s how it works:

The 1st week of October you will establish a time for either your 500m or 1000m row. You’ll enter this time as a “Extra Performance” in Wodify. Every day you’re in the gym after that you’ll be asked to spend some time on the rower practicing better form, increasing your time, doing interval training, or sprinting. Each time you put in the work write a check mark by your name on the board. Then the last week of the month you will re-test to establish a new time. The person that puts in the most work and makes the most progress will be awarded a prize during the first week in November! Good luck and happy rowing!

The Power of Routine   September 9, 2015

The Power of Routine


LandRush Fun Run WOD in the Park Daniel and Jennifer Getting their GoRuck On.

If you have been into CrossFit for more than a couple weeks you have probably heard the phrase “routine is the enemy” or “constantly varied”. When training our bodies to be to capable anything we throw at it, the same routine simply will not work. Running the same 5 miles each day will do one thing, it will make you great at running 5 miles. Just like lifting the same weight over and over again, it does one thing. Makes you great at lifting that weight. You get the picture, right?

The routine I’m talking about is the routine of your everyday life or better yet, a good habit. My morning routine looks something like this: wake up, make coffee, shower, brush teeth, get dressed. A change with any one of these can throw off my whole day. For instance, if I shave before I brush my teeth I will almost always forget to put on deodorant. Doh! Unconsciously I have formed a habit over years and years of the same morning routine. Maybe it’s a little boring, but if I follow it my day goes as planned.

A good routine in your everyday life is the key element to a healthy lifestyle. It might be eating healthy, coming to the gym consistently or getting enough sleep at night. We all have a routine, some may be bad and some of them may be good.

Challenge yourself to work on a new GOOD routine this month.

Here are a few of ideas, choose one or all:
1. Ask your coach what your average attendance at the Box was last month and set and goal to beat in the next 4 weeks. Make a plan on a calendar and stick to it!
2. Make a shopping list/meal plan every Saturday/Sunday for the next 4 weeks.
3. Go to bed 30 mins early for 2 weeks.
4. Take your lunch to work for 2 weeks.
5. Eat breakfast every day!

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