The Power of Routine


LandRush Fun Run WOD in the Park Daniel and Jennifer Getting their GoRuck On.

If you have been into CrossFit for more than a couple weeks you have probably heard the phrase “routine is the enemy” or “constantly varied”. When training our bodies to be to capable anything we throw at it, the same routine simply will not work. Running the same 5 miles each day will do one thing, it will make you great at running 5 miles. Just like lifting the same weight over and over again, it does one thing. Makes you great at lifting that weight. You get the picture, right?

The routine I’m talking about is the routine of your everyday life or better yet, a good habit. My morning routine looks something like this: wake up, make coffee, shower, brush teeth, get dressed. A change with any one of these can throw off my whole day. For instance, if I shave before I brush my teeth I will almost always forget to put on deodorant. Doh! Unconsciously I have formed a habit over years and years of the same morning routine. Maybe it’s a little boring, but if I follow it my day goes as planned.

A good routine in your everyday life is the key element to a healthy lifestyle. It might be eating healthy, coming to the gym consistently or getting enough sleep at night. We all have a routine, some may be bad and some of them may be good.

Challenge yourself to work on a new GOOD routine this month.

Here are a few of ideas, choose one or all:
1. Ask your coach what your average attendance at the Box was last month and set and goal to beat in the next 4 weeks. Make a plan on a calendar and stick to it!
2. Make a shopping list/meal plan every Saturday/Sunday for the next 4 weeks.
3. Go to bed 30 mins early for 2 weeks.
4. Take your lunch to work for 2 weeks.
5. Eat breakfast every day!